Real estate and property has become big business the world over, being the ideal way to invest money and then sell to gain a good return on your property. If you are looking for possible real estate to invest your money within, you first of all need to find the location you would like to target.

Many countries throughout the world are offering ideal locations for settlement or investing. Locations such as Dubai are becoming one of the hottest locations for investing in real estate. Dubai is a city of the future built for tourism. It offers a haven of high rise towers with luxurious facilities, beautifully designed landscape gardens and pathways weaving in and out of immaculately delicate systems of waterways.

Florida is also an ideal place to invest in real estate.




One of the highest rated cities is Panama in Florida. The city is very small currently with a population under 200,000 with only a limited access for foreigners and holiday makers. The city can be accessed through the interstate and the local airport, but unfortunately the run way is only very small making it impossible to have large jumbo jets landing. The next highest rated city is Vero Beach in Florida. Other locations thought to be ideal investment opportunities are in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This town is situated very close to the exclusively expensive Stamford but the wealth is beginning relocate. Texas, California, North Carolina, Colorado and Georgia all offer small towns and cities expected to become ideal locations for investments and businesses alike. Europe offers many regions ideal for real estate. Moscow and Istanbul have become voted first and second locations in this year’s top real estate markets for making investments and development prospects through the regarded real estate forecast. These countries have jumped ahead of previous contenders such as Paris, France that was for many years regarded as the highest rated place for development and investment prospects.

Other hotspots for real estate with people looking for overseas property is Albania.




Albania lies in the heart of the Mediterranean next to the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Belize lies on the coast of America in the Western Caribbean and is fast becoming another sunny location attractive to overseas buyers looking for real estate. Belize is a sleepy, laid back country, with pristine landscape, with many ancient Mayan ruins and jungles to explore and is renowned for excellent scuba diving. The nation is mainly a mixture of Creole and Mestizo’s descendants speaking mostly English.


The next up and coming location offering sun drenched real estate is the Red Sea in Egypt.




Egypt is well known for the pyramids and ancient artefacts; the Red Sea coast starts at the Gulf of Suez and runs all the way to the Sudanese border. The location boasts ideal diving for divers and underwater enthusiasts alike and tranquil views of the mountain landscapes. Gambia is another of the idyllic sunny locations favoured by overseas property investors looking for real estate. Providing a sub tropical climate Gambia offers many unique differences to other major destinations. Offering diverse ranges of wildlife and waterways to explore with the renowned safari adventures Gambia is a world to itself. With many destinations throughout the world ideal for investment in real estate it can be a very daunting task. We hope that with our helpful information you may find the exact location to possibly invest or relocate within.


This is all about to change though within 2008 with the proposed introduction of a new airport costing in excesses of $300 million. Similar to the creation of the International airport in South West Florida in Fort Myers, this created a housing boom of immense proportion helping people invest in real estate across the South coast of Florida. At this moment in time the costing for housing and beach front condos are very low making it the ideal place for investment in real estate.




The city is situated on the East coast and offers golden beaches and one of the best places to surf. At present the housing is low in price and is expected to be the next major construction site in Florida making it ideal for work and real estate investment.

The country is unique in itself with a diverse culture and is relatively unspoiled by globalization and offers idyllic crystal blue seas and golden beaches mixed with the contrast of snowy mountain peaks.


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