When guests arrive for an overnight stay, whether it was a planned or not, it is always nice to be able to offer them a welcoming and inviting room with heated towel rails, fresh toiletries and towels for freshening up in the morning. If the stay over is already previously planned, the guest will more than likely bring their own towels and toiletries. It is a very thoughtful gesture, however, to have several items on hand for these times, if the host or hostess can afford it.

Bed and Breakfast or guest houses are good for offering this type of thoughtful gesture. People who do not have the budget for a hotel or are tired of staying in hotels will often opt to stay in a B&B or guest house for a change of pace. The settings are usually more peaceful and relaxing because a B&B is part of someone’s home.

Most standard B&Bs have one or two private bedrooms for guests although bathrooms are often on a shared basis. However, the larger B&Bs have begun incorporating en-suite bathrooms to give their guests a more private and homely experience.

The only thing differentiating them on the exterior is often a shingle with the establishment’s name or some other sort of elegant, but unobtrusive signage. Most often, neighbours are somewhat surprised to discover that a home on their street is actually a B&B business.

Many people enjoy the privacy and homelike atmosphere a B&B can provide, in relation to the hustle and bustle of the hotel. Others simply abhor the idea of taking a stay in someone else’s home. Depending on a guest’s personal preferences, they can remain completely private or join their hosts and other guests at breakfast time or in the public gathering areas.

Often a B&B facility will have adjoining gardens which can be enjoyed in good weather. Some of these establishments will have additional extras such as hot-tubs, steam showers and possibly saunas. Others, which are a little more elaborate, may provide on-site gyms, swimming pool and massage services. Some will cater for weddings, anniversaries and other small events in the dining and living areas of the home.

Of course, not all B&Bs provide such elaborate services, other than the simplistic luxury of a clean bed in a safe environment and a good home cooked breakfast on the morning after. Every good B&B will provide, however, bedding, towels, soaps, shower or bath facilities. Many will have little extras on hand such as new packages of toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, soap and deodorants. These extras should not be expected or taken for granted, however, unless they were advertised as included in the room-rate.

Some B&Bs offer full made-to-order breakfasts as well as continental breakfasts. Juice, water, coffee, tea and carbonated beverages are always available as a rule. These are usually set at a specific time in the morning and if you are unfortunate enough not to turn up at the time will miss out.  In some of these homes, guests are invited to use the kitchen area for their own usage and in others the kitchens remain out-of-bounds for guests.

A guest at a B&B can normally request as much privacy as they desire, or they can take part in conversations with others. Most guests do prefer, however, private bathroom facilities. When this luxury is found in a B&B establishment, often guests will find that some bathrooms come equipped with hot tubs, heated towel racks and separate bathroom radiators. Heated towels are a luxury which are wonderful to enjoy at the time and which is not easily forgotten.

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