There are all kinds of life situations where a person may live with one or more roommates. Sometimes the first time one is confronted with, or chooses a roommate is in a university dormitory, where steam showers are found in the private ones.

Due to limited space a university dorm will usually house two people with in the same room. Some dormitory buildings are co-ed, but very rarely will accommodations be arranged for people of the opposite sex to share a room. University students will normally live in a dormitory, or residence, for one or more years. Often students who live in the same residence, or who have met each other in class or social situations, will decide to rent a house or town-house and, as a result will become roommates.

Roommates usually have something in common with each other. Occasionally someone who does not know anyone in a place that houses students will need to rent a room and so they will become a roommate as well. Sometimes these situations work out well and sometimes they do not.

Living with roommates is a lot different than living with your family. Family members have a natural familiarity with each other because they have grown up together, whereas your roommate may have routines that are unfamiliar to your lifestyle and could become annoying. Every family is different and every living situation is different. Roommates who display mutual respect for each other have the best chance of getting along with each other.

There are many good things about having roommates. One of the main factors for having roommates is the ability to share the rent making it affordable for you all. Another factor is that a person is rarely alone and will almost always have company if they want it. If roommates are considerate, they will have clean personal habits and will be quiet when others are studying or sleeping.

On the other hand certain roommate situations can turn nasty, especially when people are inconsiderate of the other residents in the house. A bad roommate will usually pay the rent late or possibly try not to pay anything at all. They will usually not clean up after themselves in the living areas such as the kitchen and bathroom and will put everything in place to annoy other housemates such as partying late in to the night and have noisy friends over when others are trying to sleep or study.

Sometimes, situations exist where bad roommates have to be tolerated because there are no other alternatives. If uncomfortable situations cannot be resolved, for example in cases where there are more than two people sharing a home, the trouble- causer may be asked to leave or be voted out. Usually, this is a last resort.

In situations where roommates get along and have a lot in common, the living arrangements usually work out very well. This is the best of circumstances. People living in the house have similar interests, tastes, studies, and maybe even some of the same friends. Some of these people may have met each other for the first time in their university residence.

A clean and comfortable living situation is desirable at any time. When roommates are respectful of the other people in the house, have good personal hygiene and pitch in to help keep their home clean, things can work well for several years.

In certain instances some roommates who have lived together whilst at university have ended up becoming lifelong friends or for Britain’s most recent Royal newly-wed couple for instance, who were at one point roommates, became best friends, and are now married and living happily ever after.

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