With the weather finally getting warmer and summer budding around the corner, it is once again time to start thinking about wading through the jungle that is your winter garden and starting to think about what you could do to spruce up your summer haven in time for barbecue season.

If you’re quite green-fingered and like to spend your summer pruning and preening your bushes, then information about the best things to grown during the spring and summer:


Outdoor gardening tools on old wood table

Outdoor gardening tools on old wood table


Seasonal shrubbery

During different months of the year, certain different shrubs and plants will begin to grow, and it helps to know what to plant and when in order to maximise the growth in your garden.

During March, the most popular flowers and plants to bloom are:

– Daffodils, – Hyacinths, – Snowdrops, – Iris, – Crocus, – Dahlia, – Begonias, – Freesia.


When April comes around, the March flowers will start being joined by:

– Tulips, – Chionodoxa, – Muscari.

However, if you are hoping to plant now in preparation for the summer, the best flowers to plant for May are:

– Ranunculus, – Incarvillea, – Allium, – Poppies.


Low-maintenance Landscaping

For those of you who are not so good with greenery and would rather have a simple but beautiful garden this summer, with little-to-no maintenance, why not make some subtle changes that will create maximum output for minimum work:

– Replace your climbing plants – which often need a lot of care and pruning – for something more stable such as bamboo screens;

– If you would like to grow trees, but don’t have the time to tend to them, try deciduous trees, which look after themselves. The same applies for changing conifers for evergreen trees;

– Similarly, if planting or replacing bushes, choose something slow-growing such as yew or holly;

– Avoid plants and flowers that require regular care and attention, and help to repress weeds by using a weed-suppressing membrane around your borders, which shrubs can easily grow through, and top it with bark or stones to make it look more appealing;

– Swap your lawn or sprawling flower-bed for some simple but effective brown or grey decking, which is both easier to clean and easier on the eye than turf.

Swapping your fast-growing lawn for a natural fiberon decking is one of the best ways to create a maintenance-free garden, but still keep it looking attractive for relaxing in the summer.


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