moving-boxesAre you moving?

Whether it is moving homes or offices it is important to use a checklist and make sure you have vital equipment to ensure you have a successful move. Boxes are a great way to make sure that all your belongings are safe and protected from damage and misplacement, not only this but when unloading the transit van, you will be able to place the boxes in the right room making unpacking 10 times for easier for you.

Not only can moving be quite tedious but it can be extremely stressful and emotional at times, that is why we always advise people to be organised. Organisation is the key to success and without it your day might turn from being great to dreadful in seconds, it can only take you simply forgetting some essentials aca toilet paper or even light bulbs. To have a checklist you can use is a great way to keep up to date and track what needs to be done, in addition to this, labelling moving boxes is extremely helpful – the simple things are everything, especially when it comes to moving.



Moving Boxes are used by many and a lot of people have used their own initiative and created ways in which moving boxes can be re-used.


For example:

  • Many people cut up cardboard boxes to make cards and postcards which they can send to their friends and family, by sticking gems and fabrics on the cardboard it can give the card a personal touch.
  • Storage, by wrapping fabric around the cardboard boxes and adding your own personal touches for example, writing in felt tip or simply just pictures which you want to stick on. This can be a great way to store books, shoes etc. Equalling to you not having to dig in the pocket for a storage box which you could make for free.
  • Are you fed up of people leaving drinks on your table? Don’t worry, with cardboards boxes you’re able to make your own coasters without paying a penny, all you have to do is cut up a cardboard box and decorate it how you wish, many people use decorative duct tape.
  • When it comes to hosting a party the cost can build up in seconds however by re-using boxes and making your own decor you’re able to save on money whilst giving it a special touch.
  • Still on that party feeling, why not make your own gift bags too! With the right instructions it can be simple and quick to do, all you have to have is patience and creativity – give it a go.

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