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The first thing to decide when opting for a natural stone patio space is to decide which natural stone you are going to use. Although you may think that this sounds like a difficult task in itself, it really isn’t, and luckily for you there’s an abundance of natural stone suppliers out there to advice. Here are a few natural stone options that are popular amongst garden designers at the moment:


Granite is commonly known for its hardness and durability. Wear resistant, it can prove to be the perfect choice for high traffic zones, and also kitchen worktops. This variety of natural stone is also resistant to dirt and although it is mainly available if shades of black and grey, other colours are available.


Limestone can be used both inside and outside and is known for its natural beauty. It is available in both soft and hard options, making it ideal for all. It is also available in a variety of great colours including but limited to grey, blue, cream and tan.


Slate is attractive and due to its thinness, although it may not be appropriate for driveways and high traffic areas, it does have its advantages such as being able to shape incredibly easily.


Sandstone is the most ideal natural stone paving choice for those in rural and rustic areas. Not only is sandstone paving incredibly versatile and durable but it is also easy to install and affordable in comparison to other options.

After deciding what stone you are going to use, you need to think about design! Many people simply opt for a rectangle pattern, and this is great because regular patios really to look great. However if you want to produce something a little bit different to that of your neighbours you could consider one of the following:

Circular patio

Circular designs can be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching and also look great when combined with regular paving – for example a circular patio feature in the middle of a garden can look fantastic!

Sunken patio

Many people this year have chosen to create ‘sunken patios’ surrounded by rustic walls and reclaimed steps. This can provide privacy and a quiet zone for people to relax in the shade.

Raised patio

Creating layers in a large garden by using raised patio areas is a great idea. With the correct elevation it can also provide homeowners with lovely sun spots where they can sunbath. It might be coming close to winter, but if you do this now you will be ready in time for next year!

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