immigration-solicitorsPlanning on moving to the UK? Recently moved and need to get work? Want to study and learn as an immigrant in the UK? There are many reasons why you may need to get yourself an Immigration Solicitor. Applying or receiving a visa to stay in the UK, being able to enter work or education, or just reap the benefits of living in the UK. You may have already moved to the UK and be needing to get yourself into the first steps of a new career or be only in the first stages of moving and want to get yourself ready and legal for work. Immigration solicitors will help to get you into the correct tier for finding work.

Understanding the system

There are numerous entry requirements for being able to legally work in the UK, such as reasons for work and your actual current financial situation. With these taken into account there are 5 different tiers that divide immigrants into categories based on skills, and what they wish to do in the UK. It is the job of a solicitor to advise and direct people to the right tier.

The tiers are as follow:

Tier 1: For ‘high-value migrants’ and covers entry of entrepreneurs, investors, and those people who come under the ‘exceptional talent’ visa.

Tier 2: This category is for ‘skilled workers’ with a job offer in the UK. It includes skilled workers who are transferred to the UK by an international company, skilled workers where there is a shortage in the UK, ministers of religion and sportspeople.

Tier 3: This was designed for low-skilled workers filling specific temporary labour shortages.

Tier 4: This category is for students over 16 years of ages from outside the EEA who wish to study in the UK. Applicants must have a place at a UK educational establishment before they can apply.

Tier 5: This tier contains six sub-tiers of temporary work including creative, sporting, charity, religious workers, and the youth mobility scheme which enables around 55,000 young people every year to work in the UK on working holidays. The visas are awarded to young people from countries that have arrangements with the UK.


Even once you have found work, been in work for a given period of time an immigration solicitor can ensure that you receive the correct legal treatment should you encounter an issues. You can receive vital advice on making the most of your visa and your time in the UK should it be a permanent stay or just temporary.



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